Canon T3i (600D) vs Canon T2i (550D)

by Enche Tjin on February 8, 2011

As I mentioned in Canon T3i and T3 revealed, Canon T3i (600D) does not change a lot from Canon T2i (550D). Most of the improvement is in software based instead of hardware.

Both cameras share the same 18 MP sensor, 63 zone metering system, up to 6400 ISO and so on. The real difference is on the LCD screen. Canon T3i has vari-angle LCD screen which has the same 1 million dots resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio.


Left Canon T3i looks a like to Canon T2i. T3 is a bit bigger due to vari-angle 3" LCD screen. image from

In summary, here is what’s new in Canon T3i

  • Vari-angle LCD great for low-high angle shooting, self portrait and video.
  • Integrated wireless flash control for creative lighting system. Like Nikon D90, D7000, Canon 7D and 60D, T3i gains ability to control flash remotely.
  • Full Auto = A+ involve scene detection, auto white balance, picture style, auto lighting optimizer, auto exposure, auto focus. Basically it will be more intelligent.
  • Creative filters (following footstep of olympus art filters), allowing you to apply some digital filters on images.
  • Improved help guide for beginners

In summary, I think it is a great beginner camera package. The automatic mode is getting better in recognizing scenes so that even though you don’t have knowledge about basic photography, the percentage of getting great photo will be increased.

Enthusiasts might also like this camera because it has vari-angle LCD and integrated flash control. Now, the price differences between Canon T3i and T2i is just around $50-100. I think these two new features (LCD and flash control) worth the price difference. For those who has T2i already, might want to look for Canon 60D or Canon 7D for upgrade.

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