Multiple flash photography book review

by Enche Tjin on February 14, 2011

Multiple Flash Photography, Off-camera flash techniques for digital photographers by Rod and Robin Deutschman is a great book for photographers who want to take advantage of portable flash system to create a dramatic and artistic images.

multiple-flash-photography-book-reviewThe author starts the book by advicing us about stop relying on automatic mode in camera or flash. Instead, has a vision or goal, and use manual mode and appropiate setting to get the job done. Then, the authors discuss about the gears from what flash kind of flash to use, communication/ trigger for off-flash photography.

And then, they discussed about step by step mental process on shooting multiple flash photography. The subjects primarily portraits, and a little bit about flowers (small objects).

This book is for intermediate-advanced photographer. Photographers that already now the basic of photography but want to have idea on how to start and set-up multiple flash photography effectively. Therefore, there are no technical data such as aperture and shutter speed value and so on. There is also no diagram, but it does not matter because there are plenty real live photos that show placement of the strobes.

What I like about the book:

+ show the shooting process one step at a time (with photos to illustrate each steps).
+ introduce the concept of taking control of equipment instead of relying on gears to take over (auto mode)
+ introduce the concept of having a vision and how to use gears effectively to achieve it.
+ give some tips to save money such as getting old flash and using compact camera for macro photography
+ very clear writing (maybe because author is an educator and held workshop on this topic)

What I don’t like about the book:

- Too much rambling about how bad the auto mode is
- Not many lighting setups examples.
- Most of the techniques and samples are the same setup, which is front light combined with back light to create highlight

Overall, it is a nice book to have as reference and have a clear understanding how to start how multiple flash system can help you to create your vision.

Note: The authors also wrote a simpler “just one flash photography

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