Nikon and Pentax mirrorless compact system

by Enche Tjin on February 17, 2011

Recently, I heard that Pentax and Nikon will soon release the other “compact” interchangeable lens system cameras. Pentax will use 1/2.33″ inch sensor which you generally found in compact cameras, and Nikon will likely to use smaller sensor too, but probably bigger than that and have 2.5x crop factor. For comparison, micro four thirds system has 2x crop factor.

If the rumor is true, I would like the Nikon approach more than Pentax choice. I think 1/2.33″ sensor is too small for my liking. It is hard to get shallow depth of field and image in high ISO will likely to be full of noise. In addition, most compact cameras with this sensor size already has very nice zoom lens with macro capabilities.

But 2.5X crop factor of Nikon is very interesting. Perhaps it will be more successful than micro four thirds system, Samsung NX or Sony NEX system because in those big sensor system, manufacturers can keep reducing the size of the camera, but the lenses are usually still very big, especially zoom lenses. By decreasing image sensor to certain point, the compromise can be reached. The lenses will be smaller, but the image quality is still significantly better than a compact camera.

If the design and performance done right, this new Nikon system will be likely to be the best portable compact  interchangeable lens system ever.

UPDATE: Pentax system will be named “Pentax NC-1 camera system” It will be announced in the next few months.

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kamera gue February 18, 2011 at 2:53 am

“By decreasing image sensor to certain point, the compromise can be reached.”

At first I assume that 4/3 sensor (2x crop) is the perfect balance between size and IQ compromise. Bring a 2,5x crop sensor is a good idea, at least we have some choices here.

I just curious about how this will affect the focal lens, considering current DX lens is designed for 1,5x crop. Unless Nikon will produce a specific lenses for 2,5x crop (say to cover 28-300mm it needs a 11-120mm lens..). Any opinion?

Enche Tjin February 18, 2011 at 2:56 am

I am almost sure that It will be a new brand system lenses. Maybe the adapter for DSLR lenses will be available, but it will be not practical to use with the camera because the lens will be a lot bigger and heavier.

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