Ricoh develops M-mount module for GXR system – Available Fall 2011

by Enche Tjin on February 1, 2011

Ricoh president and CEO Shiro Kondo has announces that Ricoh is currently developing M-mount module for GXR system. M-mount is specific to Leica rangefinder camera, and it means that if you have Leica M-mount lens, or other M-mount lenses produced by third party lens maker like Voigtlander, you may also use it with Ricoh GXR camera and M-mount module.


While I don’t have Leica M-mount lenses, but I’m quite excited for this news because it opens opportunity for more photographers. Many photographers who has Leica high quality legacy lenses might have problem finding affordable digital camera to mount with it. Leica M9 is $6999 body only. Now they has the great option.

Ricoh digital cameras, the GXR system has the best interface ever and is a very versatile system. You can switch the lens-sensor module as you like. When you need high quality images, you can use A12 module, but when you like to have power zoom and want to travel in a small, lightweight package, it has P10 module, a 28-300mm zoom with small image sensor.

The module will have 12 MP resolution APS-C sensor, has a new developed focal plane shutter and will be available fall 2011.


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Alfredo TERRIACA April 22, 2011 at 7:44 pm

Me parece excelente el sistema de RICOH , creo en el porque seguramente tiene un buen futuro , por su practicidad , su calidad optica , calidad de construcciòn de sus càmaras , una excelente idea . El dìa de mañana uno cambia el cuerpo (body) , se queda con los lentes y se compra el nuevo modelo , RICHOH GXR II o GXR III , por asì decirlo vaya uno a saber como se llamarà el modelo reemplazante del actual . Apoyo la idea , en general bien RICOH , FELICITACIONES .-

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