ThinkTank Photo small bags and pouches

by Enche Tjin on March 16, 2011

Thinktank Photo, one of my favorite photography-related bags release five small bag/pouches. It is not an usual “boring” compact camera pouches. Some of it relate more to travel, but it is a great addition to ThinkTank Photo collection and may help photographers, especially who travel a lot.

1. AA Battery holder $9.5
think-tank-photo-AA-Battery-HolderBasically this small bag will hold 8 AA batteries. This bag will be my favorite because I carries rechargeable batteries and backup batteries for my speedlites (flash) and they rattle around inside my camera bags. This small bag will solve my problems.

2. Credential holder $20
Not very interesting for me, but it might be great for photographers who attend workshops, seminar or other conferences regularly. It will has enough space to slip in two pens/pencils, a small notebook, tickets, and phone. I think this could be used as travel pouch too. It is saver to store your precious here than your pockets.

think-tank-photo-Passport-Holder3. Leather Passport Holder $25
This is a quality passport holder to store your airplane tickets, up to three cards (credit card, gift card etc) or identification cards, and off course your passport. It will make your travel a bit smoother.

4 and 5 – Travel Pouches (small and large) $19.50 and $25
Small pouches to help you separate the toiletries, socks, and other delicates. The large pouch stores your pants, shirts and other clothes.

You can get ThinkTank Photo products at or from ThinkTank Photo official site

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