Sigma SD1 46MP (15MP) $9700 price craziness

by Enche Tjin on May 21, 2011

Recently, Sigma announced the price of Sigma SD1, their new flagship camera that has 46MP Foveon sensor (15 MP effective) in APS-C size sensor. The price is relatively high at $9700 body only.

This news drives enthusiasts photographers crazy. Sigma SD14, its predecessor only selling below $1000 now althought it has slower processor and much lower resolution 14 MP (4 MP effective).

Sigma states that the SD1 is competing with much larger image sensor which is medium format camera such as Pentax 645D or Leica S.

Usually, Sigma blow up the MSRP high sometimes as close as 100%. So, in the market, the price could be a lot less, probably around $5000-7500. However, that is still very high considering current DSLR cameras with the same sensor size are selling below $1500.

Sigma SD1’s sample images looks very good (sharp, rich color and natural) however, is it worth the price Sigma is asking for? only market can tell.


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