Nikon D400 & Nikon D4 rumors

by Enche Tjin on June 30, 2011

Nikon D400 and D4 is in the air, many speculators already guessing what the spec will be.

In recent years, Nikon is famous of its image quality in high ISO. Compare to its competitors, Nikon usually win about 1 stop cleaner images in high ISO setting. However, the trade off is Nikon cameras usually has less image resolution a.k.a megapixel.

I think Nikon will still keep the balance between image quality in high ISO and image resolution in these two new cameras (According to the rumor, it will be announced in August).

I expect Nikon D400 will has the same sensor with Nikon D7000 (16 MP), has better auto focus system (maybe more customizable or more cross type sensors). Currently D300s has 51 AF points, but only 15 points are cross type. A new image processor and faster continuous shooting speed (maybe 8 fps).

I expect Nikon D4 will has a bit higher resolution than D3s (12 MP), but lower than Nikon flagship D3x (24 MP). I think it will be around 14-16 MP and retains the Nikon D3s high ISO capability with even better auto focus system and full HD movie recording feature.

Keep in mind that this is only my speculation and I hope that we’ll see the products soon next month.

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kwanonku June 30, 2011 at 8:48 pm

As we see from current competition, D400 will be on the same class with 18 MP EOS 7D .
It seems will be the same sensor which used on Sony A77 (24 MP) while the most challenging issue for Nikon is the lenses’ resolving power for high resolution sensor.

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