Nikon mirrorless camera is coming

by Enche Tjin on August 30, 2011

Nikon first mirrorless camera is coming soon (on Sept 2011). Til today, we don’t know how it looks like and final specs yet. But from the rumor, we know that it will have 2.6-2.7 x crop factor, which is a bit smaller than micro four thirds system and bigger than advanced compact camera, such as Canon G12 or Nikon P7100.


Nikon mirrorless camera and lens diagram as shown in Patent

This new system is intended for enthusiasts amateurs or professionals who don’t want to carry bulky DSLR camera system.

Being a Nikon DSLR users for several years now, I hope that the system is a successful one. Here’s some of my wishes on this new system.

- Size
Size is main consideration for me. I hope that this new camera is not bigger than advanced compact camera like Nikon P7100.

- Lenses
Even if the camera body is small, but if the lenses are long and heavy (such as Sony NEX system), it won’t appeal to me. I like a truly compact system (camera body+lenses). I wishes that Nikon designs several lenses: compact superzoom lenses for walk around, and prime lenses with big aperture. Today, I heard that one of the lens might be Nikon 10-100m f/4.5-5.6 which is equivalent to 27-270mm.

- Handling and control
Photographers who bought this system are usually be quite experienced (compact camera users or DSLR camera users). This group of users usually want better camera control and handling. Dedicated buttons and two command dials are a plus.

- Fast processor
One crucial thing that bogged down Nikon P7000 are the processor speed. I heard that this mirrorless system will have the new Nikon EXPEED processor. So I hope the fast processor will improve performance and image quality.

- Compatibility with Nikon SLR System
To appeal to Nikon DSLR users, it is a good idea to keep this system compatible to Nikon DSLR system such as Nikon SB speedlites, and F-mount lens via an adapter.

- Price
Last one but very important, is the price. Nikon mirrorless system will appeal mostly to two groups of buyers, the professionals and the amateur who wants higher quality camera but do not want or can’t afford to buy DSLR system.  The second group is more price conscious, and they will not likely to get this system if it more expensive than a DSLR system. It will be wise if the price is about $500 for camera body only and $600 with a kit lens.

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