Ricoh GRD IV announced

by Enche Tjin on September 19, 2011

Last week, Ricoh announced their newest advanced compact camera, Ricoh GRD IV. Ricoh GR compacts has been famous since film era for its ruggedness, great wide angle 28mm lens (with big max. aperture), and excellent user interface like those of advanced DSLR cameras.

Ricoh continues to improve the GRD line with the launch of GRD IV.


Some of the notable new features:

1. New image stabilization system, which allow you to shoot up to 1/4 second (3.2 stops) without blur caused by hand shake.
2. New auto focus system which improve the AF speed up to two times.
3. New processor which refine the image and make the camera more responsive
4. Brighter and more detailed 3″ LCD monitor with 1.2 million dots
5. Multiple exposures and several new creative processing

These improvements are not revolutionary, but it touches on important points.

Today, Ricoh GRD IV faces many competitors, such as just announced Canon S100 and Fuji X10. It will also compete with Panasonic LX5, Canon G12 and other advanced compacts. People are more likely to judged Ricoh GRD IV from its lack of “zoom lens“, however, prime lens has its merits. Ricoh 28mm f/1.9 is one of the best wide angle lens for compact. It produces very crisp picture without distortion.

Ricoh fans will love it because it still has similar DSLR-like controls, so that they don’t have to spent time relearn. Ricoh GRD is also the most rugged and truly pocketable compared to most advanced compacts in the market.

GRD IV is best for people who likes DSLR like control and ruggedness, but want a camera that pocketable and capable to produces excellent photos in many situations. Perfect for street photography :)

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