Fujifilm expands X line

by Enche Tjin on October 7, 2011

After initial success with Fujifilm X100, Fuji continues to expand the X (premium) line. A month ago, Fuji announces Fuji X10, an advanced compact camera with zoom lens and 2/3″ sensor. Several days ago, Fuji announce new superzoom Fujifilm X-S1.

The X-S1 will have 2/3″ sensor and 24-624mm (26x zoom) F2.8-5.3. X-S1 looks bulky and quite boring. But Fujifilm also promises new mirrorless interchangeable system camera in 2012. The sensor will be bigger than micro four thirds, possibly APS-C sized like Fujifilm X100 or bigger (full frame?).

The main attraction of Fuji X100 and X10 is the retro design. Hopefully the new interchangeable cameras will stick with this design and more photography-centric rather than fashion or consumer centric.

X-S1 Front right ClosedStorobo Wide

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