Jose Villa fine art wedding photography : book review

by Enche Tjin on October 25, 2011

Jose Villa’s fine art wedding photography comprised of three parts. In the first part, Villa discusses about his style. He shares his preference on light, exposure, color and composition. The second part discusses on a typical western style wedding: getting ready, ceremony, bridal & family portrait and so on. The last part talks about marketing.

jose-villaIn the first and the second part, Villa emphasizes on creating a consistent photography style. His style can be created by using specific gears (he uses medium format film camera and 80mm f/2 lens most of the time). As a result, most of his images has shallow depth of field and pastel color. He also suggest that color, composition, exposure should be consistent.

Throughout the book, there are many Jose Villa’s signature style photos. Most photos has shallow depth of field, semi-posed, over exposed and has pastel color. I also love that Villa shares his real-life mistakes and how he handle it.

In the last part of the book, Jose share his marketing approach. It is a straightforward tips and quite obvious. For example he discusses the plus and minuses on marketing media such as magazine advertisement, website, blog, etc. He also share tips about pricing and how to get business referral.

Overall, I enjoy reading and looking at the photos and layout design. However, I feel the content (text) is very basic and light. More experienced photographers who like to learn in-depth about wedding photography techniques should look for other book.

After reading the book, it is tempting to copy Jose Villa’s style. But I think, it is better to use the book as an inspiration to design your own photography style.

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