Panasonic announces Panasonic GX1

by Enche Tjin on November 8, 2011

Panasonic GX1 is recently announced. GX1, is very similar to 2009’s Panasonic GF1 with some upgrades. GX1 is aimed for photography enthusiasts who wants a compact system but with enhanced control and great image quality.

Panasonic GX1 certainly ticks most of the boxes:

1. It is relatively compact compared to entry level DSLR camera
2. It has very fast auto focus speed (0.09 second)
3. Tough alumunium casing and more comfortable to hold (thanks to new rubberized grip)
4. Bundled with Panasonic new X lenses (very compact)
5. Improve image quality and size (16 MP)
6. Improve noise handling in high ISO setting (about 1 stop)
7. Optional hi-res Electronic viewfinder is available (optional purchase)
8. has hot shoe for external flash

Other improvements : Touchscreen LCD screen, record full HD movie at 60i

However, there are still some points that enthusiasts don’t like about this camera

1. LCD resolution is still 460k (while competitors has around 900k-1 million dots resolution). Better resolution screen is important to judge exposure or sharpness better. No tilt LCD screen.
2. No built-in viewfinder like Sony NEX7 or Fuji X100
3. Only has one command dials, most of competitors has two dials. (more dials makes easier to change setting).
4. No weather seal, not magnesium alloy (lightweight but ultratough casing which usually find in high-end DSLR cameras)

Despite its shortcoming, Panasonic GX1 has a friendlier price tag for photo enthusiasts. It is $699 body only and $949 with 14-42mm retractable zoom lens.


Competitors :

  • Olympus E-P3 – has retro style and better LCD screen, but worst image quality and performance
  • Sony NEX-7 – has built-in electronic viewfinder, bigger sensor and image resolution, plenty control dials, tilt LCD screen, significantly more expensive.
  • Panasonic G3 – has built-in viewfinder, designed more for mass market rather than enthusiasts, has similar image sensor (same 16 MP).
  • Panasonic GH2 – designed for serious photographers, has better control, built-in viewfinder and better control for video shooting.
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