Canon G1 X vs Fujifilm X10

by Enche Tjin on January 16, 2012

Early this months, Canon launches G1 X which is a “super” compact camera with large image sensor. This camera is quite different from the rest of many cameras out there. The closest competitor will be Fuji X10.

Both are advanced compact camera designed for enthusiasts photographers who demand tough and practical gears with image quality comparable to those of interchangeable lens camera. Both cameras also has  high price tag relative to other compacts ($599 and $799).

Fujifilm X10 and Canon G1 X front - Canon G1 X is taller - screenshot from

Fujifilm X10 and Canon G1 X front - Canon G1 X is taller - screenshot from

Which camera is the best? let check out their advantages

Canon G1 X advantages over Fuji X10

  • Canon G1 X has a significant larger sensor which translate to better image quality in bright light (ISO 100) or low light (ISO 3200 and beyond).  Bigger sensor and new processor DIGIC V allows G1 X to produce clean images even in high ISO setting. Canon G1 X has two stops advantage over X10. It means that ISO 3200 images from Canon G1 X is about equal to ISO 800 images from Fuji X10.
  • Canon G1 X has larger (3″), higher resolution, articulated LCD screen, X10 has fixed LCD screen with medium res,  (460k dots), 2.8″ screen.
  • Canon G1 X is a better camera for night photography because it allows longer exposure time. Although Fuji X10 spec indicates max shutter speed of 30 seconds, it only valid if you use ISO 100. If you use ISO 200 or higher, the maximum  shutter speed will be more limited.
From the top, Canon G1 X is thicker ans has bigger lens to accomodate bigger sensor - screneshot from

From the top, Canon G1 X is thicker and has bigger lens to accomodate bigger sensor - screenshot from

Fuji X10 advantages over Canon G1X

  • Fuji has significantly wider, brighter optical viewfinder than G1 X. under bright light, LCD screen is usually too reflective and inaccurate. Therefore, clear optical viewfinder will be helpful.
  • Fuji X10 has faster continuous shooting speed. X10 can shoot up to 10 fps (in Medium and small image size setting) and 7 fps (in every image size setting). This is far better than Canon G1 X, which only tops up at 4.5 fps (up to 6 frames), and 1.9 fps afterwards.
  • Fuji X10 has retro rangefinder design which may appeal to many people. It is about 20% more compact and lighter. It is easier to fit on your jacket pocket than G1 X.
  • Fuji X10 has brighter lens, 28-112mm f/2-2.8, while Canon G1 X has 28-112mm f/2.8-5.8. It means you can shoot in low light condition without raising the ISO too much. However, due to image sensor differences, the X10’s advantage in this point is not significant because Canon G1 X can produces very good images in higher ISO. The X10 lens is much better in macro photography because it can focus close up to 1 cm, while G1 X can only focus up to 20cm.
  • X10 has better battery life (300 vs 250 frames per charge). In practice it will be even better because you will likely to use optical viewfinder in X10 to prolong battery life.
  • Lastly, X10 is $200 cheaper
Both cameras has plenty of direct access buttons and dials, however, G1X has articulated hi-res screen

Both cameras has plenty of direct access buttons and dials. Fuji X10 has bigger optical viewfinder, however, G1X has articulated hi-res screen


For people who want a practical camera with image quality similar to DSLR cameras, Canon G1 X is better choice. For those who wants a classic camera design, loves close-up & macro photography and a smaller compact, X10 will be a better match.

Note: currently Fuji X10 has issue with image quality. Images with specular highlights will morph into white orbs.


white orbs image captured by dpreview investigation team

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