Visual Stories by Vincent Laforet – book review

by Enche Tjin on January 22, 2012

Visual Stories: Behind the lens contains Vincent Laforet’s experiences as a photojournalist. For those who don’t know Vincent, He is famous of his video promoting Canon 5D mark II titled “Reverie.” The video is so famous at that time and catapulted his name to top-tier photographer and director today.

visual-stories-vincent-laforetThe book describes his thought process and approach to his photography works. Many of those are from his time working for NYTimes. Some of the assignments are sports, war and natural disaster. He shares many photography tips and approaches to get better photos for every assignments.

Beside photography, He shares some of his experience including scary one in the war zone.He encourages photographers not to settle for mediocre photos. to get remarkable photographs, he emphasizes on preparation, anticipation and taking risk.

To satisfy gear-aholics, Laforet includes discussion about gears that he uses. He even dedicated one chapter to discuss tilt-shift lens, which he uses quite a lot.

Overall, I enjoy reading the book and quite inspired of his advice. I like the book because there are many photos. In each photo,  he explains the thought process clearly, his decisions and why the photo is significant to him or others.

I recommend the book for people who are especially interested in photojournalism. This book is not about how to make a photo essay or how to learn or become photojournalist. It is not an usual textbook-styled book with lessons and exercise. So, it might be more appropriate for experienced / enthusiasts photographers.

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