Nikon D800 – Small in size, huge in resolution

by Enche Tjin on February 8, 2012

Nikon D800 is the highest resolution DSLR camera up to date with 36.3 MP full frame (FX) sensor. This sensor surpassed more expensive Nikon D3X or Nikon D4. It is designed for Nikon D800 is designed for landscape or studio photography that demand higher resolution camera to capture more details and for bigger prints. Surprisingly, D800 is relatively inexpensive compared to Nikon flagship camera D4 or D3X.


Nikon D800 vs Nikon D700
While D800 has the highest resolution, sports and photojournalists might still prefer Nikon D700 because it can shoot fast action photography with fast continous shooting speed. (D700 can shoot up to 8 fps with battery grip attached while D800 only can shoot 4fps at full resolution and max. 6fps in cropped resolution with battery grip.

Nikon D800 vs Nikon D4/D3s
Nikon D800 is smaller than D4 / D3s because it does not has integrated battery grip. Because of the size of the camera, D800 is great for travel photographers. It is also capable to deliver huge picture which is great for landscape images, and capable to produce very good images in low light condition. Like D700, D4, D3 are more suitable for photojournalists who demand fast camera.

Other improvements
Beside the huge resolution, D800 also improved in many areas such as improved scene recognition, face detection auto focus, 100% viewfinder coverage, USB 3.0 port, and increased durability.

If you have Nikon DX lenses, you can use it with D800 without a problem. D800 with auto crop it for you. The image recorded will be 15mp which is good enough for a large print.

Nikon complex scene recognition

Nikon complex scene recognition

To satisfy the perfectionists who demand the highest quality and sharpest imagery, Nikon releases another version named Nikon D800E which does not has AA filter. This version yield better quality images, but more prone to moire and false color. Moire and false color usually appear in patterns like fabric, metal surfaces, etc. Therefore, if you shoot fashion, still life or portraits, it is best for use version that has AA filter. For landscape photographers who want the highest resolution, the one without AA filter will be great, or photographers who can work in digital editing to remove the moire/false color.

Overall, Nikon D800 is one of the best DSLR camera money can buy right now.. It is versatile and and suitable for many kinds of photographers and even videographers.

Nikon D800 specs

  • 36 MP CMOS sensor
  • 51 points AF with face detection
  • ISO 100-6400 (expandable to 25600)
  • 3.2″ 921k auto brightness LCD screen
  • Shutter unit tested up to 200,000
  • Continuous shooting 4 fps, DX with battery grip 5 fps
  • Auto White Balance 2 to preserve incandescent lighting
  • Price: D800 $3000, D800E $3300
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