Nikon new super compact and superzoom

by Enche Tjin on February 1, 2012

Today, Nikon announces one serious compact and one superzoom cameras: Nikon P310 (price $330) and P510 ($430).

Nikon P310 does not differ much from its predecessor Nikon P300. It is small, simple, pocketable, practical (4.2 x zoom), has some dials and deliver decent quality images. Nikon P310 is designed primarily for serious enthusiasts that does not want to carry bulky DSLR cameras around. It is quite good in low light condition because of the big maximum aperture of f/1.8.

Nikon P310

Like P300, P310 can’t record image in RAW mode, which separated this camera with its main competitor Canon S100. However, Nikon P310 has higher resolution image chip and $100 cheaper price tag.

P310 main advantages compare to P300

  • 16 MP vs 12 MP sensor
  • New function button on the front of the camera
  • ISO 100 and 6400 is selectable (P300 max out at 160 – 3200)

Nikon P510 breaks the record as the longest superzoom  camera (42 x zoom – 24-1000mm). P510 is designed for traveling people that don’t want to carry long and heavy telephoto lenses. P510 is selling pretty inexpensive (considering the 42x zoom lens) and flip LCD screen at $430.


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