5D mark II or 5D mark III ?

by Enche Tjin on March 5, 2012

5D mark III is out, and many people wanting Canon full frame camera will be in dilemma whether to get Canon 5D mark II or III. The latest camera will cost Approx. $1000 more. It is quite expensive considering you can get a  new, midrange DSLR camera or a high quality lens with $1000 extra.

Before you make the ultimate decision, let’s see what you’ll get from 5D mark III.

1. 61 points AF, with 45 points cross type. This AF module is inherited from Canon flagship 1DX, which will be a lot better than 5D mark II’s 9 points AF (only 1 cross type) especially in low light situation.

2. 6 fps continuous shooting will help you to nail the perfect moment in action photography

3. ISO expandable to 102400 (native up to 25600). 5D mark II tops out at 25600

I think those are the main differences between the two. If you are action or event photography shooters, 5D mark III will be excellent camera for you. But if you are still life or landscape shooters, you might not need those improvement as much. Therefore, it is better to save the extra $1000 for something else.

Other improvements: A bit bigger LCD screen and viewfinder coverage, a headphone jack for monitoring audio, CF/SD dual slots, built-in HDR processing.


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