Nikon D700 vs Nikon D600

by Enche Tjin on May 31, 2012

Nikon D600 is not announced yet, but it is already leaking all over the web. Nikon Rumors states that the probability of D600 is now at 80%. Nikon D600 will be the inexpensive, entry level full frame DSLR cameras. According to the rumor, it will be selling at around $1500-2000.

Today, has two “affordable” full frame camera on the market. Nikon D700 and D800/E. Nikon D700 is launched four years ago. D800/E supposed to be D700 successors and has been announced recently, but the price is $3000-3300 which is not very “affordable.” The D600 will fill the gap between Nikon D7000/D300S and D800.

From Nikon D700 user point of view, Nikon D600 is more like a replacement rather than an upgrade. In some aspects, D600 is getting better such as image resolution, ability to record video, has two users customizable modes, and two memory card slots. On the other hand, D600 has inferior AF module, and the casing and interface might not as good as Nikon D700/D800.

Let’s check each camera advantages

Nikon D600’s advantages

  • Bigger image resolution (24 MP vs 12 MP)
  • Two SD card slots
  • Record HD video
  • Has two user settings
  • Lighter (850 g with battery and cards)

Nikon D700’s advantages

  • Better AF module: 51 AF points with 15 cross type compared to 39 AF points with 9 cross-type points.
  • Possible better interface (buttons) and tougher casing/material

From these comparison, it seems that Nikon D600 will trumps Nikon D700 in many aspects. However, D600 is not official yet and if you are not in a hurry, D600 might worth the wait.

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