Sony NEX F3 and how it compares to C3 and 5N

by Enche Tjin on May 18, 2012

Sony finally releases Sony Alpha NEX F3. It sits right between Sony NEX C3 and slightly below Sony NEX 5N. Sony does many things right. It has a bit taller body, has internal built-in flash and 180 degree tilting LCD screen. The tilting LCD is helpful for self portrait or video recording.

I like the taller body so it balances Sony NEX zoom lens better. I also like the built-in flash and optional high quality electronic viewfinder. According to some reviews, Sony NEX F3 focuses faster than C3 or 5N.


Compare to Sony NEX 5N, F3 does not has touchscreen LCD, slower continuous burst (5N shoots up to 10 fps), and ISO up to 25600. On the other hand, F3 has 180 degree tilting LCD screen and built-in flash. F3’s battery life is a bit better (470 vs 450 shots).

Compare to Sony NEX C3, F3 is better on many aspects: F3 can record full HD movie, has 180 degree tilting LCD, has built-in flash, and has longer battery life.

Sony NEX F3 specs

  • 16 MP image resolution
  • ISO 200-16000
  • 3″ 920k inch LCD
  • hi-res (2.4m dots optional electronic viewfinder)
  • Continuous burst 2.5 fps
  • Battery life 470 shots
  • Video full HD 1080i60 or 24p
  • price: $600

Like other NEXes, Sony NEX F3 is a great choice for people who want the photo quality and versatility of interchangeable lens camera but don’t want to invest on bigger DSLR cameras.

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