Samsung EX2F – advanced compact camera updated

by Enche Tjin on June 29, 2012

After being in the market for two years, Samsung updates Samsung EX1/TL500 to Samsung EX2F. This is an advanced compact camera designed for serious amateur photographers. It has slightly bigger sensor than most compacts and brighter lens.

New Samsung EX2F leaked image from

New Samsung EX2F leaked image from

Samsung EX2F will have these following spec:

  • 12.4 MP image resolution
  • 24-79mm f/1.4-2.7 with image stabilization
  • AMOLED swivel LCD screen
  • 1080/30p HD video capture
  • ISO up to 12800 (extended)
  • WiFi
  • Optional accessories : optical viewfinder, external mic, external flash
  • Price $549

This compact camera will compete with upcoming Panasonic LX7, Canon S100, Sony RX100. But which will be the best? From image quality, Sony RX100 will likely to be better due to bigger sensor. From size, RX100 will also win because it is smaller.

But from lens and feature, Samsung EX2F is better. It has brighter and wider lens, it has swivel LCD screen and built-in hotshoe for external accessories. It also has built-in Wifi.

Samsung EX2F

Samsung EX2F

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