Canon EOS 1DX Impression – hands on review

by Enche Tjin on August 19, 2012

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to try out Canon 1DX, fastest Canon EOS DSLR Camera today.

First impression: Physical

The body feels tough and sturdy. There is nothing like toy . It is like tank instead of car. The handle is very grippy. There plenty buttons, a few of them are customizable.  There are also two convenient joysticks  to change settings or focusing point.

There are three LCD screen, one on top and two in the back of the camera. Two small LCD gives you important camera settings. There is built-in battery grip which house a very big 2400 mah battery. It will be enough to shoot thousands of images in single charge. In sum, you won’t be deprived of control.

The second impression: Menu and the AF system

Menu in Canon EOS camera for beginner usually only have about a dozen pages. Canon 1DX has approximately two dozen pages. We can customized buttons, plenty of settings depending on subject matter or our shooting style. For example, we can choose Auto ISO maximum limit and minimum shutter speed. We can also choose medium or small sized RAW file.

Autofocus system in Canon 1DX is incredibly complex and has many options for customization. There are some specific options that are recommended for certain types of sports. For example, there is AF preset for tennis, football, cycling and gymnastics. If you are curious about the AF trackingnya can read here.

I think it will take several months to really understand this camera’s AF system. Although it is complicated, auto 61 points focus is available. When selected, camera will choose focus point and by its own.

Canon 1DX back - look at the buttons :)

Canon 1DX back - check outthe buttons :)

Canon 1DX vs 1D mk vs IV

Compared to the Canon 1D mk IV, its predecessor, 1DX has the advantage of having a full frame size sensor, so the overall image quality is higher. But 1DX lose the crop factor of 1.3X. If you mount the same lens on both camera, field of view will be wider in Canon 1DX.

Image quality

As a top class camera, photo quality Canon 1DX that I use with the Canon 24-105mm f /4 IS L and the  Canon 100mm f/2.8 IS L Macro is very detailed. Colors are bright and saturated. Photos at ISO 100-3200 is clean of noise. ISO 6400-12800 still very good. Above 12800, the noise begin to interfere and the photo lose its sharpness. There are  option to boost ISO to H1 and H2, which is equivalent to 102400-204800. That is for shooting in a very dark circumstances.


1DX is compatible with Canon EF lenses (which has red dot) but not compatible with Canon EF-S lenses (white square). To get optimal image, I recommend to use Canon L series lens.

After trying out Canon 1DX for a day, I think Canon 1DX is great for:

  • Photojournalists, especially sports and events
  • Serious or Pro Outdoor photographers who needs sturdy and fast camera.
  • Show off to friends :)

Read more about Canon 1DX specification here

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