Ricoh GRD V will features large image sensor?

by Enche Tjin on August 19, 2012

Ricoh GRD is a successful series camera that have is quite unique. It has small sensor with fast fixed lens 28mm f/1.9. Many compact cameras today has large image sensor. Larger image sensor means better quality and shallower depth of field.


Ricoh GRD IV

Ricoh recently patented two lenses: One is 14/2.5 for 4/3″ type sensor, the other is 19/2.5 for APS-C type sensor. Since Ricoh GXR has APS-C f/2.5 module already, it is likely that this patent will refer to the new GRD V in development.

The next Ricoh GRD compact camera is expected to be announced next year (2013).

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