New digital compact cameras 2012

by Enche Tjin on September 19, 2012

There are several digital camera for enthusiasts camera in Photokina 2012 show. Some of them are revision from older models, and some of it is new. Enthusiasts compact camera is designed for experienced photographer who are looking for secondary camera for lightweight travel, as a backup and fun.

Here are a list with concise explanation on the new 2012 models

Canon S110 is very similar to its predecessor, Canon S100. It adds touchscreen and wiFi connectivity. It loses built-in GPS, but you can sync GPS with your smartphone. S110 is a slim, pocketable compact that easy to carry. It has versatile lens and can record RAW images.

Canon G15 is very popular advanced camera. The first generation, G1, is released in 2000. Compare to G12, G15 lose its ISO dial, and exposure compensation dial is now repositioned for better access. Canon retains its tiny optical viewfinder, has slimmer body (17% smaller) and improved autofocus. The main highlight is the lens, the very fast 28-140mm f/1.8-2.8 lens.


Canon Powershot G15

Nikon P7700 has very similar design and concept as Canon G12. P7700 has more dials, don’t have optical viewfinder and longer lens (28-200mm f/2-4). Nikon enthusiasts users will love it because it is compatible with Nikon creative lighting system.

Fujifilm XF1 is a brand new compact design from Fuji. It is similar to Canon S110 in term of design and specifications. XF1 will use 2/3 inch sensor, which is bigger than all the cameras above. XF1 will also rely on its retro design and its colorful faux leather to attract buyers.

Sony takes an initiative to put a large sensor into tiny compact. Sony RX100 is proven successful in USA. It has 1 inch image sensor which delivers high resolution image with smooth background. Although it is no match for DSLR camera, RX100 images will be better than most compacts in the market. [Read more about Sony RX100 here]

Sony RX1 has a large full frame sensor in it, and fixed 35mm f/2 Zeiss lens. RX1 is designed for narrow enthusiasts audience who demands the largest image sensor (high image quality) in smallest possible body size. RX1 is not cheap. It is selling at $2799. [Read more about Sony RX1 here]

Sony RX1

Sony RX1

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