Canon 70D vs Canon 7D

by Enche Tjin on July 3, 2013

Canon 70D is a mid range DSLR camera DSLR designed for enthusiasts/semi-pro photographers who enjoy to have a responsive camera with plenty of features and good tactical control.

Canon 7D is still the fastest shooter (8 fps) but 70D is close at (7 fps). 70D uses the same excellent autofocus system (19 AF points, all cross type) like on Canon 7D. Burst buffer are also almost the same, Canon 70D can shoot continuously for 16 RAW photos or 65 JPEG. While 7D can shoot 15 RAW photos and up to 126 JPEGs before slowing down. So, in the speed category, 7D is stil the best.

On the bright side, 70D has fully articulated, touchscreen LCD, 5X faster autofocus in live view mode thanks to implementation of hybrid phase+contrast detect autofocus technology. And the most important is 70D gets a new 20 MP CMOS image sensor. This new sensor would make better photos in low light compared to 18 MP sensor of 7D. 60D also has built-in WiFi.

Canon 70D offers articulating LCD screen and a well balance camera for hobbyist or semi-professionals

Canon 70D offers articulating LCD screen and a well balance camera for hobbyist or semi-professionals

Other differences and similarities

  • Canon 70D only has 98% viewfinder coverage, 7D has 100%
  • Canon 70D has more detailed, 1,040,000 dots LCD screen, 7D has 920,000 dots
  • Canon 70D is smaller and lighter than 70D (weight: 860 (1.9 lbs) vs 755 g (1.7 lbs)), dimension (5.5 x 4.1 x 2.9″)
  • Canon 70D has less buttons, and no joystick controller.
  • Canon 70D has built-in Wifi
  • Canon 70D offers native ISO range of 100-12800, one stop better than 7D’s 100-6400.
  • Canon 70D has SD card memory slot, Canon 7D has compact flash (CF) memory card slot.
  • Both has AF-microadjustment feature that will be handy to callibrate your missfocussed lenses.
  • Both has 19 points autofocus module.

Recommendation Pick Canon 70D to get better quality image and live view/movie recording related feature. Pick Canon 7D if you need robust body and high speed shooting for photojournalism or sports photography.

If you are beginners, or would like more affordable and compact solution, Canon 650D/T4i or 100D/SL1 will fit your need better.


Canon 7D doesn't offer articulating nor touchscreen LCD, but 7d has more buttons and a joystick for better tactical control

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