Nikon D610 is the answer for faulty Nikon D600

by Enche Tjin on October 8, 2013

Nikon recently announced Nikon D610, a new full frame (FX). Nikon D610 is a replacement for Nikon D600 which has problem with shutter mechanism. I used Nikon D600 for one year now and I am quite disappointed with Nikon D600 because its image sensor gets dirty after thousands of clicks. Several trips to service center don’t help much.


It is a shame because beside that problem, D600 is a fine camera capable to produce top quality images when used with high quality lenses.

A year after Nikon D600, Nikon announces Nikon D610 specifically to replace Nikon D600 and eliminate shutter mechanism problem. In this process, Nikon also make a few improvements such as:

  • Faster continuous shooting : 6 fps compared to 5.5 fps
  • Better weathersealing
  • Continuous shooting in Quiet shutter mode (3 fps)
  • Better auto white balance (AWB)
  • Price: $1999 ($100 cheaper than Nikon D600 launching price)

If you have Nikon D600 like I do, you might be quite upset because Nikon should take their responsibility to replace faulty shutter mechanism in Nikon D600 instead of releasing a new camera and hope D600 users to buy a brand new camera.

If you are interested on Nikon D600, I suggest you to wait until Nikon D610 hits the store. If you are looking for a bargain and can live with D600’s sensor problem, expect reduce in D600’s price as manufacturers and stores clean up their inventories.

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